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Increase Your Winrate

Our coaching can teach you how to increase you winrate, by improving the technical aspects of your game. Learn how to improve the accuracy of your decisions.

Improve Your Thought Process

A big part of playing poker is knowing what to think about. Here, we focus on process, not results. Learn what you should be thinking about and how to make the right choice through logical deduction and inferences about how your opponent will respond with various parts of their range to different actions.

Develop Soft Skills

Aside from working on your technical game, we can also help you develop soft skills that also contribute to your success on the felt. Soft skills, like being observant and staying focused are as essential as technical skills like knowing when to call vs fold vs raise.

Expand Your Repetiore By Beating Blackjack

In addition to teaching you how to crush at the poker table, we can also offer instruction on how to be a winning card counter at the blackjack table. Often blackjack can offer a much higher winrate, plus they give you free hotel rooms and buffets.

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Learn How to Find And Crush Soft Games

Do you want your winrate to look this? Our expert knowledge is guaranteed to help you increase your win rate and feel better about your game, or your money back.

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Whatever your skill level, you can benefit from 1-on-1 instruction with an expert gambler.

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    This guy is incredible! Since working with him I am already on my third island purchased with gambling winnings!

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    Grrr, I hate how teaches people how to crush with this one weird trick.

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